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Diversity And Inclusion Center

Diversity and Inclusion Center

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Me, My Mom and Sharmila

Fawzia Mirza

Heritage Speaker Series with Emmy-Nominated Fawzia Mirza

October 5, 7:00–9:00 p.m.
Bill and Vieve gore School of Business Auditorium

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Mission & vision

Westminster's Diversity Center serves as the central resource for community building, educational programming, and support services for First Generation College Students, LGBTQ Students, Students of Color, and Allies.

Informed by the College-wide Learning Goals and the Strategic Plan, diversity and inclusion at Westminster College involves the acknowledgement and active engagement with the values, experiences, world views, and inter-sectional identities and characteristics of all members of our campus community.

In recognition of an increasingly multicultural and global society, the College's understanding of diversity includes underrepresented U.S. (domestic) populations as well as international communities across all borders, geographic and symbolic. Diversity encompasses identity-based, social, political, and geographic dimensions, including (but not limited to) race, ethnicity, socioeconomic (class) status, (dis)ability, national origin, gender identity and expression, sexual identity, religion, age, and language.

The College strives to build an inclusive and welcoming student-centered teaching and learning environment through its meaningful commitment to consistently examine and implement curricula and co-curricular activities, programs, policies, and practices that cultivate a respectful and equitable campus culture and climate.

Honoring the complexities of local and global individual differences and identities, the Diversity Center facilitates learning excellence, leadership development, and individual awareness through programs, dialogues, training, and study abroad opportunities grounded in a commitment to advance social justice and equity in a global and changing world.