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Hopi/Navajo May Term Course



2013 marks the 22nd year that the School of Education has cooperated with the School of Nursing to take students to the Hopi and Navajo reservations for a May Term Study Experience.

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'An Amazing Experience'

“Watching the Hopi Kachina dances was almost surreal. The moaning chant sounded like the wind flowing through a crevice. The rattles echoed the sound of rain on a tin roof, and the booming drums were thunder heralding in a coming storm. I found myself repeatedly checking the sky for thunder heads on the horizon, sure that the Kachinas must be successful in calling the sustaining rain. No rain was forthcoming, but we did receive a hailstorm of oranges, apples, popcorn balls, and candy, which showered the crowd at regular intervals. The rhythm echoes in my head later that evening, as I try to blink the grit from my reddened eyes, caused by the wind stirred up by the Kachina’s entreaty...”

-Danelle Mineer

Journal Entry

Hopi/Navajo Trip


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