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Goal #1

Goal 1

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Collecting bacteria. Biology professor, Dr. Bonnie Baxter collects salt-loving bacteria from a salt evaporation pond near the Great Salt Lake. Secondary pre-service teachers will use the specimen for their research project.
Brine shrimping. Biology professor, Dr. Ty Harrison, collects brine shrimp eggs while on a shrimp boat with his secondary science methods students. Later Ty and pre-service teacher Paige use the conductivity meter to determine the salinity of the water samples
Collecting eggs. Education professor, Carolyn Jenkins, observes secondary science methods student, Paige, and teaching assistant, Egan, as they collect brine shrimp eggs in a net.
Collecting salt grass. Pre-service teachers, Christine and Mindy, collect Salt Grass growing near Great Salt Lake. Later they use these plants in an experiment examining the optimum soil salinity for growth. The pre-service teachers are required to demonstrate this form of inquiry teaching in their field placements for the science methods course.
Finding growth. Students examine the effects of salt on bacterial growth.