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Teaching to Learning Styles

Teaching to Your Students' Learning Styles

Web Resources

Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire
Take this 44 question quiz produced at NC State University and then read the interpreted results. 8 learning styles are compared and contrasted.

Using Learning Styles to Adapt Technology for Higher Learning
Paper from the Center for Teaching and Learning at Indiana State University reviews learning styles and how computer technologies can be used to reach students with various learning styles.

The Perfect Learner - An Expert Debate on Learning Styles
An Article that responds to questions about the validity and accuracy of learning styles theories. Also discusses whether we should be teaching to these styles or not.

What's Your Learning Style?
Information on 3 learning styles: audio, visual, and kinesthetic. Also has a quiz to help determine which style you are.

The Alfred West Jr. Learning Lab - The Wharton School
The Learning Lab develops technology-enhanced learning materials -- simulations, web-based exercises, and interactive programs -- to explore new paradigms for learning and instruction.


"Learning in Adulthood" by Sharan B. Mirriam and Rosemary S. Caffarella. Available for checkout in the FTC.

"Blended Learning: How to Integrate Online & Traditional Learning" by Kaye Thorne. Available for checkout in the FTC.

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