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FALL 2015
Westminster Chamber Singers Auditions

 I. When & Where

  • Auditions will be held in the Vieve Gore Concert Hall on August 18, 19, & 20 
  • Sign-up for an audition time by clicking on the following link: 


    Contact Kiah Williams at 801-915-7158 with any questions. 
  • Arrive 15 minutes early to rehearse with an accompanist and complete the audition form.
    • Auditions for returning members will be held on Tuesday & Wednesday
    • Auditions for new members will be held on Wednesday & Thursday

II. What to prepare

  • Solo Selection: bring a song of your choice (any genre) that requires piano accompaniment

  • If you do not have a solo song, the first verse of “Amazing Grace” or "America the Beautiful" will be provided.
  • Please vocalize and be completely warmed-up prior to your audition. Practice room access is available at the Music and Theatre Box Office.

III. Vocal Exercises

  • Dr. Quinn will play a series of vocal exercises to explore your range, tone, vibrato, etc.

IV. Musicianship Skills

  • Sight-sing 4-8 measures of an unfamiliar song (supplied at audition).
  • Clap and count an unfamiliar song (supplied at audition).
  • Sing a major scale upon request.

V. Repertoire suggestions

  • In an audition, it is extremely important to choose a song that you truly love and one that you can sing expressively.
  • Choose a song that highlights the beauty of your voice.
  • Choose music that shows your vocal range. For example, if you are auditioning as a soprano, sing a song in the soprano range.