Students fixing a bike at the bike collective. Website
Westminster Wheels Bike Rental

What Is It?

Westminster Wheels is designed to provide an alternative transportation option and encourage Westminster students, faculty and staff to bike to their destinations around campus. Members of the Westminster community can check out a bicycle, helmet, light and lock at no cost.  

Why Did We Do It? 

 A group of students noticed the increased number of cars on campus, lack of carpooling, parking lot congestion, and winter smog. These students wanted to improve the city’s air quality, minimize campus traffic and maximize campus efficiency, so they designed a free bike program, modeled on similar campus and community programs around the country. Westminster Wheels seeks to spark interest in alternative transportation and earth-friendly technologies while minimizing campus and community traffic, reducing carbon emissions, and fueling environmental discussion and awareness.

How Do I Join? 

  1. Become a member by signing up at the Westminster Bicycle Collective.  We do not require your blood or soul, just a one time registration form and signature. 
  2. Checkout a bike, helmet, lock and light.  Yes, you should ALWAYS wear a helmet while riding. 
  3. Ride away into the sunset and return the bike in good condition the next day.

Please remember, bicyclists are supposed to follow the same road rules as cars do, this means stopping at lights and stop signs, and signaling which way you’ll turn. This also means it is your legal right to ride in traffic lanes (provided there is no designated bike lane)! Be assertive and alert while riding, wear a helmet, and have lights on you bike at night.


Unsure if Westminster Wheels if for you? Free bicycle trips on a stylish ride may not be for everyone, so we designed a quiz to help you determine if this program is right for you.

Take the quiz:
1. You are about to make your cheese whiz surprise but you realize you don’t have all of the ingredients. You have to go to the grocery store three blocks away from your pad. You:
   a. Strap on your old crusty sandals and saunter to the grocery store while admiring the sights and sounds on the way.
   b. Hop on your moped and cruise to market with the wind at your back and the sun on your face.
   c. Head to your car. Hey you’re tired and it’s the end of the day.

2. Your four door sedan you inherited from your grandmother died for the last time. You:
   a. Call your friends, family and ex-lovers to ask them if they have a car or motorcycle they would be willing to donate.
   b. Forego your soul as collateral and finance the dream car you’ve always wanted.
   c. Not worry about it because you don’t have a car. You rely solely on your bipedal abilities.

3. You don’t know how it happened, but somehow you roped yourself into the worst night out imaginable. You desperately need to chuck your date. You:
   a. Skip the vegan cooking class and take your date to a monster truck rally instead.
   b. Give your date a piggyback ride to the drum circle in Liberty Park.
   c. Turn on reruns of MTV’s Daria.



Calculate your total:
Question 1
   a. 1 point b. 3 points c. 6 points
Question 2
   a. 3 points b. 6 points c. 1 point
Question 3
   a. 1 point b. 6 points c. 3 points

You are:
1. Bare Foot Aficionado (3-6 points) - If social protocol would allow it, you would dump your shoes and walk around in your feet. Quick transportation without any moral quandaries? Westminster Wheels seems like it was designed just for you.

2. Fresh Air, Fresh Mind (7-12 points) - If your mother gave you the choice, you would sleep under the stars. You prefer to be outside with your face in wind, no matter how you do it. Congratulations, Westminster Wheels is perfect for you! Whenever you feel stressed, messed or oppressed take a Westminster bike out for a spin and leave your woes behind.

3. Behind the Wheel Zeal (13- 18 points) - The sweet aroma of gasoline titillates your senses. Your ultimate vacation is an all expenses paid trip for you and your car to the Bundesautobahn in Germany, but believe it or not Westminster Wheels is just what you are looking for. You’ve been a car lover all your life, but now is the perfect time to try something new. Give your car and noxious fumes a rest and hop on a bike. After all, absence makes the heart grow fonder.