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Recognition and Incentives


Get on the Green's List!


We have a variety of prizes for people who take the GPA quiz. Your score translates to certain prizes:

               1.00 - 1.99: GPA sticker

               2.00 - 2.49: GPA sticker and snack 

               2.50 - 2.99: GPA sticker, snack and GPA logo bag

               3.00 - 4.00: GPA sticker, snack, GPA logo bag and customized mug


Earn a 3.00 average or above and you will be put on the "Green's List!"

Everyone who takes the quiz will recieve a GPA sticker.

2015-2016 Green's List

Taylor Bond

Austin Brooks

Andrew Butterfield

Morgan Milner

Jessica Roadman

Anna Robert

Tyler Roberts

Kendall Tate

Aiden Ulrich

Kyle Wray