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How to Lock Your Bike


How to Lock your Bike on Campus

Bike theft is a problem on every college campus. Although Westminster College has a low theft rate, it is still important to lock your bike PROPERLY in order to insure you don't become the next theft victim.

Which Type of Lock Works Best?

There are a few different types of locks available, all having different degrees of safety.

  • A U-Lock is a rigid metal ring in the shape of the letter U. The U part of the lock attaches to a crossbar section, and for this reason they are also called D-locks.
  • A chain lock is a chain with a lock. It often has a key or a combination lock attached to it. A long enough chain can pass through both wheels, the frame and attach the bicycle to an immovable object.
  • A cable locks is similar to a chain lock. Cable locks often come with the locking mechanism already permanently integrated. Otherwise, a length of cable with loops on both ends can also be used.

The best protection for your bike is a combination of both a U-Lock and a Cable Lock. The picture below is a good example of how to lock your bike with a cable and U-lock combination. Make sure that the U-lock connects your frame to your front wheel and then to the bike rack. The cable lock is used to connect your back wheel to the rack.