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eco-team program

As passionate student volunteers, Eco Team members help make Westminster a more sustainable campus by educating their fellow students about ways to live more environmentally-conscious lifestyles.

The Eco Team members will lead their halls in the annual Residence Hall Energy Challenge, help put on Earth day, and have the option to complete their own fully funded project in the spring semester!


Apply Now to be an Eco team member!

Our mission: The Westminster Eco Team Program trains student leaders to model and promote environmentally responsible behaviors in their residence halls and around campus.

Westminster College Eco Team members are a group of students who raise awareness about ecological issues and encourage environmentally responsible behavior in the campus community. They educate their peers about environmental issues, such as waste reduction and energy conservation, and help plan activities. 

What We Are Looking For?

  • Effective communication skills (through a variety of means)
  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively
  • Ability to see projects through to completion
  • Ability to learn information about environmental topics and relate that information to your peers
  • Enthusiastic, engaging individuals who are passionate about environmental and social issues
  • Students who can be held accountable for their work
  • Creativity and enthusiasm!

What You Will Gain?
Professional and leadership development, education and outreach skills, knowledge of environmental and social topics, support from working with other passionate students, and the opportunity to create and implement your own project in the spring semester!

Time Commitment
Eco Team members will commit to attending two monthly meetings and an initial training. Much of your work will be done independently, on your own schedule. Other commitments will arise as we start our planning. Meetings will introduce you to the monthly topic, provide an opportunity to brainstorm related activities and events, and include skill-building workshops. The first semester will focus primarily on education. The second semester will focus on getting out there and making change. Eco team members are responsible for putting on the Energy Challenge, volunteering for 10 hours with Environmental Center activities, and putting on Earth day!

Contact Monica Ferreira at  for an application