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Where can I recycle on campus?

Campus Recycling Locations

Westminster College provides recycling collection bins in every building on campus.  See list of locations by building below.

You may also request small bins for your residence hall room or office.  Individual office/room bins will not be collected or emptied for you.  It is your responsibility to empty these bins at one of the locations listed below.


Alumni House 
- Downstairs kitchen
- Main floor kitchen/break room

Bamberger Hall
- Main floor by west doors
- Main floor, Accounting Office (room #103)
- 2nd floor, Financial Aid Office
- 2nd floor hallway by copier

Bassis Center

- Outside of Photography Lab
- Outside Semimar Room
- Environmental Center

Behnken Hall
- 1st floor hallway waste receptacle closet
- 2nd floor hallway waste receptacle closet
- 3rd floor hallway waste receptacle closet

Carleson Hall
- 1st floor/Start Center by copy room 
- 1st floor kitchen/common area
- 2nd floor kitchen/common area 
- 3rd floor south hallway by kitchen 

Ceramic Center 
- Main floor by damp room

Converse Hall 
- Basement level west exit doors 
- 1st floor by drinking fountain 
- 2nd floor by elevator
- 2nd floor admissions office by printer
- 3rd floor outside room 311 

Dick Building 
- 1st floor hallway by room #109 

Foster Hall 
- 1st floor across from elevator 
- 2nd floor faculty work room
- 3rd floor hallway by conference room
- 4th floor hallway by printer

Giovale Library 
- Basement computer lab  
- 1st floor reception desk 
- 1st floor work room #103 
- 1st floor librarian suite room #107 
- 1st floor copy center room #109 
- 1st floor technical services room #111 
- 2nd floor outside of board room 

Gore Building 
- Basement hallway by bathrooms and drinking fountains
- Basement across from Testing Center
- 1st floor north side of west entrance
- 1st floor south side of west entrance
- 1st floor Student Networking Lounge room #132
- 1st floor central hallway by room #122 (North Entrance)
- 2nd floor south hallway by drinking fountains (east side)
- 2nd floor across from room #219
- 2nd floor across from elevator

Hogle Hall
- 1st floor kitchen area 
- 2nd floor lobby
- 3rd floor lobby

- Basement level by climbing wall/drinking fountain
- Basement in Behnken Field House (4 locations)
- Main floor lobby
- Main floor workroom #208
- 3rd floor Nursing workroom #304B
- 3rd floor Nursing student break lounge #322
- 3rd floor Nursing faculty break lounge #333
- 3rd floor Nursing faculty workroom #334 
- 3rd floor Nursing Learning Labrotories 

- 1st floor by box office counter
- 1st floor by Music/Theater offices
- Inside Music/Theater offices
- Basement outside of Student Theater

Malouf Hall 
- 1st floor student lounge
- 1st floor hallway by north doors
- 1st floor copy/work room
- 2nd floor hallway by drinking fountain 
- 2nd floor hallway by south doors
- 2nd floor copy/work room

Meldrum Science Building
- Outside main west entrance to the building
- 1st floor inside by west entrance
- 1st floor by physics room 150
- 2nd floor student study area/ lounge 
- 2nd floor by east entrance doors
- 3rd floor student study area/ lounge
- 3rd floor by biology prep room 341 
- 4th floor student study area/ lounge
- 4th floor by biology research room 460
- 4th floor by chemistry prep room 442

Nunemaker Place 
- Basement common area 
- Main lobby behind printer

Olwell Hall
- 1st floor Hallway waste receptacle closet
- 2nd floor Hallway waste receptacle closet
- 3rd floor Hallway waste receptacle closet

Payne Gymnasium
- Basement by Men's Locker Room 

Print Shop/Copy Center 
- Lobby area
- Mail room
- Copy room

Shaw Center
- North entrance by concierge desk
- North side behind concierge desk wall
- South entrance across from bookstore
- Basement level by Student Health Services
-Counseling Center

Stock Hall
- 1st floor recycling closet
- 2nd floor recycling closet
- 3rd floor recycling closet
- Basement level recycling closet
- Basement level foyer by Campus Patrol office 

- Lobby area