Students with chickens at organic garden. Website
About the Garden

Westminster's organic garden is a space for students to collectively grow healthy local produce.  The small garden includes raised vegetable beds, compost bins, a gathering space, and a chicken coop. Student volunteers maintain the garden, and the produce is available each week at a campus farm stand.

The full campus garden program also involves monthly cooking classes, a fall food film series, discussion groups, workshops, and a partnership with the Westminster for Real Food movement.

There are lots of ways to get involved in the garden program: pdf/environmental_center/Going and Growing Organic.pdf

  • Volunteer at one of our weekly work days
  • Attend a n event
  • Become a member of the chicken co-operative
  • Stop by the weekly fall farmstand to take home some produce
  • Use the garden as part of a class project or research  


Volunteering is a great way to get service hours, trade time for fresh produce, and meet new people.  You can help out in any of the following ways . . .

  1. Watering CrewVolunteers each take a specific day each week when they water the garden. 
  2. Chicken Co-op. Volunteers tend to the campus hens one day each week in exchange for a share of the eggs.  
  3. Art in the GardenWe are looking for folks with artistic talent to help with signs, murals, and creative garden trellises.
  4. Music in the Garden. We are looking for musicians to play during workdays in the fall.
  5. Weekly Workdays. Meet in the garden and help us with planting, maintenance, harvesting and projects.
  6. Greenhouse Watering. Help us maintain the greenhouse plants, greens, and starts by watering one day a week.
  7. Research. Choose a topic of interest and help us expand our institutional knowledge. Some fitting topics include beneficial/edible fungi, local foraging, and better composting.
The Campus Organic Garden is located next to the Bicycle Collective, down the alley running west of 1200 East, directly across from the lower entrance to the Jewett parking garage.


For more information, or if you would like to be added to the weekly email list, please contact the Garden Coordinator at