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Degrees Offered

 Degrees Offered in Environmental Studies

The Environmental Studies offers 3 interdisciplinary concentrations, each with a slightly different emphasis:

•A BS in Environmental Sciences for those students interested in exploring the fundamental scientific and ecological questions related to environmental issues;

•A BA with a concentration in the Civic Environment for those more curious about the relationships between nature, society, politics, and economics;

•A BA with a concentration in the Environmental Humanities for those who wish to explore the connections between the environment, literature, philosophy and art.

Additionally, we offer a minor in Environmental Studies.

While each concentration offers a slightly different perspectives, students from all the concentrations take a number of common courses aimed at deepening their interdisciplinary thinking. Additionally, each cohort will come together to combine the different perspectives in the programs Senior Seminar.This interdisciplinary program combines the perspectives of the humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences, providing students with multiple perspectives in some of the most challenging and exciting fields of inquiry today.

The Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Studies can lead to careers working with business, industry, nonprofit environmental organizations, local governments, and education. Continuing studies in graduate school in law and medicine is also a valid option.

For program requirements, see the course catalog.

Academic Advising

Not all courses are offered every year. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with program faculty or the START Center to plan their course schedules.