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Courses Offered

Environmental Studies Courses  

Fall 2012

ANTH 252 Cultural Anthropology TTH 2-3:50PM Braun
ANTH 300  Medical Ecology TTH 5:30-7:20 PM Braun
ART 180 Photography multiple sections  
BIOL 110 Enviro Bio multiple sections  
BIOL 203 Ecology multiple sections  
BIOL 300 Urban Ecology T 2-3:50 Stracey
BIOL 345/CHEM 300 Environmental Science MW 2-3:50PM Black
COMM 203 Mass Media TTH 2-3:50PM Fogo
COMM 310 Professional Writing MW 10-11:50AM Seifert
COMM 336 Public Relations M 6-8:50PM Zarkin
ESS 110 Geology multiple sections  
ECON 253 Macroeconomics multiple sections  
ECON 263 Microeconomics multiple sections  
ECON 325 Environmental Economics TTH 12-1:50PM Collins
ENGL 230 Creative Writing multiple sections  
ENGL 357 Environmental Literature MW 10-11:15AM Newman
ENVI 101 Intro to ENVI TTH  10-11:50AM McCarthy
ENVI 300 Outdoor Leadership multiple sections  
ENVI  300 (X) Environmental Justice MW 4-5:50PM Panagia
ENVI 300  Weather and American Culture MW12-1:50PM Olson
ENVI 360 (X) Rural Representation, Modern LIfe TTH 2-3:50PM McCarthy
ESS 315 Paleontology TTH 2-3:15PM Goldsmith
HONS 300 Rural Representation, Modern Life TTH 2-3:50PM McCarthy
JUST 300 (X) Environmental Justice MW 4-5:50PM Panagia
MATH 150 Statistics multiple sections  
MATH 240 Stats for Science multiple sections  

(X) = cross-listed