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We are devoted to applying ourselves to the study of the amazing mountain, lake, and desert resources that surround us. Salt Lake is a densely populated, urban region with important issues such as pollution and environmental management. These issues are highlighted for scrutiny by Utah's environmental splendor. Westminster is at the center of problem-solving opportunities for environmental concerns, and our students are at the heart of the real issues environmental thinkers need to engage and resolve.
Dr. Jeff McCarthy
"Salt Lake City inspires us all with contrasts. The variety of recreation is famous--ski in the morning, rock climb in the afternoon--but the teaching contrasts are more important with National Forests and copper mines, bird refuges and natural gas wells right here." --Dr. Jeff McCarthy
A beach on Antelope Island (GSL)
Westminster Education students routinely visit the Great Salt Lake with elementary school students, using the unique ecosystem in the development of lesson plans and interactive experiences. Click here for the video feature.
Studying invertebrates at Emigration Creek (Westminster College campus)
Emigration Creek runs through the Westminster College campus. Science students enhance their studies with projects that focus on the creek's minerals, plants and aquatic creatures. Click here for the feature.