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Eportfolio initiative report SP12

Progress made

  • Orientation – introduced students to initiative during assessment session
  • LC faculty agreed to create artifact assignment
  • LC faculty workshop visits
  • Portfolios for faculty review/promotion
  • LC class visits – saw approximately 60% of communities
  • Etrack/Competency/Priority registration – approximately 60% completion rate as of 4/19/12
  • President’s portfolio
  • Hosted AAEEBL western regional conference
  • Multimedia studio to provide access to equipment and technical support for students; construction begins in May, studio will open in Fall 2012
  • Increased program use of portfolios - Aviation, ENGL, Nursing capstone, Psych capstone, MACL, revision to EDUC (undergraduate and MAT)
  • NCEPR – 3 year research project to investigate role of multimedia in student learning
  • CIC DQP – The DQP will provide the clarity needed to develop a campus-wide articulation of the outcomes needed to demonstrate mastery of our CWLGs in both the curriculum and co-curriculum. Given that our eportfolio initiative consists of a two-part process in which Phase one is completed in the first two years of a student’s college career, we have an opportunity to more clearly articulate the goals associated with the first stage of our student learning initiative  by incorporating the associate level expectations of the DQP.



  • Orientation with laptops – students will sign in to foliotek during orientation session, leaving class time open for actual work on portfolios
  • Increased LC visits – there seems to be a correlation between the number of LC visits and the number of students who’ve completed the etrack.
  • Earlier start on etrack – hope to increase completion of competency by making the course available to students in the fall, rather than the spring


Next steps

  • Redefine eportfolio committee
  • Rubric review this summer – (DQP)
  • Midpoint evaluation plan for Spring 2013 – recommend a one-to-two day norming session with revised rubrics