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The Midpoint Portfolio

The Midpoint Portfolio is designed to prepare you for your final, senior portfolio. All Midpoint Portfolios are evaluated by a group of faculty and instructional staff who provide feedback on what you've done well and what you might want to work on. The Midpoint Portfolio is not meant to be a "showcase" portfolio, i.e. the work in it does not have to be perfect. It is a reflective portfolio where you are asked to demonstrate awareness of your own learning process and your continuing progress as a student.

If you started as a freshman at Westminster in FA13, SP14, or SU14, your midpoint portfolio is due September 15, 2015.


  • Upload at least two pieces of evidence for each College Wide Learning Goal to the midpoint portfolio section in Foliotek (Click here for descriptions of the CWLGs).
    • The evidence can be assignments from classes, documentation of co-curricular activities, internships, service learning, professional experience, personal interests -- anything that shows evidence of competency in a particular learning goal
  • Write a 1-3 page rationale per learning goal that discusses both pieces of evidence. (Click here for the Eportfolio Rationale Guide.)
    • The rationale can be a piece of writing, an audio recording, a video, a digital story, etc. Whatever the format, it needs to be embedded or linked to in the blog and still needs to meet the requirements on the essay guide.
  • Create a presentation portfolio (you may use the same one you created for your competency portfolio) and post the link to the Presentation portfolio section in foliotek.

NOTE: Your presentation portfolio can be designed in any way you choose as long as the required items are included. Regardless of the presentation design, your evidence and essays still need to be uploaded to the assessment side of the portfolio in their respective sections.


The Evaluation Process:

Who will evaluate my portfolio?

All midpoint portfolios will be evaluated by a group of faculty, instructional staff, and administrators. This is the audience you should have in mind while writing your essays.

How will my portfolio be evaluated?

Evaluators will primarily be looking at your essays to see how well you understand the College Wide Learning Goals and whether or not the work you've uploaded is sufficient evidence of your understanding. Because the evaluators won't know the story behind your evidence, it's important to be clear and detailed in your essays (see the Midpoint Essay Guide linked above). In other words, your pieces of evidence will not speak for themselves, so your essay should speak for them. For help writing for the eportfolio, visit The Writing Center.

How will my portfolio be scored?

Evaluators will use the College Wide Learning Goal rubrics to score your portfolio. At the midpoint stage, you should be at the Developing or Accomplished level on the rubric.

How will I know if my portfolio doesn't meet expectations?

If your portfolio is missing any pieces or if your essays don't adequately describe your evidence and learning, the Eportfolio Director will contact you to let you know what you need to correct in order for it to meet expectations. The goal of the Midpoint Portfolio is to make sure that you're on the right track so your Final Portfolio, which is required for graduation, meets expectations. 


Sample Midpoint Portfolios:


Maggie HerrNeckar:

Jessika Huhnke:

Talus Baddley:

Katie Mullin:

Thomas Fox:

Pratik Raghu:

Christine Blubaugh:

Tessa Eihausen:

Taylor Williamson:

Elizabeth Reeder:

For more information and resources, stop by the eportfolio studio with questions. To make an appointment for eportfolio help, contact Kerri Carter, Director of Eportfolios, at 801-832-2050 or