Jared Christensen

Originally from Pleasant View, Utah, Jared has spent his Westminster career fully immersed in the arts – in every way imaginable. He will be graduating with honors in June with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography and a Film Studies Minor.

While at Westminster, Jared worked as a writer and photographer for 15 Bytes, a non-profit online magazine that covers the visual arts community in Utah, which even led to a permanent staff position.

Reflecting on his academic career, Jared notes “seeing how much the Honors program improved my ability to excel in my other courses” and “growing to see myself as a true artist” as his most significant academic achievements.

Jared recalls his 2011 May Term trip to France as his favorite Westminster memory. “It was the first time I had ever left the country, and it was a truly life changing experience getting to see beautiful artwork and architecture by so many of my favorite artists.”

Already part of a group art show this fall, Jared plans to apply for more art shows with an ultimate goal of having his own show within a year of graduation.

“Westminster has had such a huge, positive impact on my life. I have had so many wonderful experiences and have formed friendships with my fellow classmates and professors that will surely last well beyond my time here. I am immensely grateful for all the opportunities this school has provided for me.”

Check out some of Jared's work in the gallery below: 

 Kingdom of the Animals I A Solar System That Fits In Your Eye  Untitled (Self-Portrait) Night Vision 1-11   Night Vision 3-12 Night Vision 4-3 
 Kingdom of the Animals I  A Solar System That Fits
In Your Eye
Untitled (Self-Portrait)  Night Vision 1-11  Night Vision 3-12  Night Vision 4-3


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