Rondy Lyn Butters

Rondy hails from Morgan, UT, a small town northeast of Salt Lake City. Over the course of the past four years, Rondy has been active in a number of programs and activities all over campus, including being a Resident Advisor for her Junior and Senior years.

A lover of film, Rondy took advantage of a unique opportunity at Westminster, which actually allowed her to design her own major. Due to the fact that Westminster does not have a film major, Rondy decided to enlist the help of advisors Rulon Wood and Lance Newman to create a customized major. “I created my BS Multimedia Production & Business Management major by combining graphic design, film and business courses. I had to make an outline of all the courses that I felt were relevant to the major I was creating and then get it approved. Creating this major allowed me to gain the skills necessary to the career field of video production and design that I am pursuing. I am so grateful that Westminster allows students to create a custom major so that I could create a major that is useful to my career choice.”

Better yet, Rondy had several opportunities throughout the course of her senior year to put her passion into action. In fall semester, she worked as a film marketing, publicity, and promotions intern for Warner Brothers Studios at Allied-THA; in the spring, Rondy interned with a freelance video editor at Girlfight Pictures where she helped to edit an episode of Turning Point that aired on BYU TV.

Film aside, Rondy connects her favorite Westminster experiences to her time spent as an RA. “My favorite memory of Westminster is probably just being an RA in general. I have had so many great experiences with my residents and the other RA’s and have learned so many life lessons. This is the biggest memory that I will take with me as I graduate.”

What does Rondy see for the future? “I am currently pursuing jobs in the video production industry but plan on growing my Video production / wedding video freelance business on the side. But I’m still waiting for my chance to become a Disney princess at Disneyland!”

Until then, Rondy is “really excited” to start sending out her senior portfolio. “I’m really proud of it.”

Rondy also participated in two video contests that Westminster promoted (and won both!). Here are the videos she submitted:


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