Danielle Green

A graduate of Bonneville High School in Ogden, Utah, Danielle has recently completed her degree in Psychology, with a specific emphasis in Brain and Behavior. She has taken advantage of the amazing opportunities behind Westminster’s Psychology program, tools that will undoubtedly pay off in the near future.

Without hesitation, Danielle explains that her favorite part of her academic experience at Westminster was getting to use the brain imaging equipment in the new Meldrum Science Center. “I got to administer the EEG test to several people, as well as train other students on how to use the neural net. Now that I'm looking for a research position, this skill is something I'm able to put on my resume!”

An even larger part of her undergraduate career, Danielle has wholeheartedly devoted herself to psychological and neurological research. “My professor, Jen Simonds, also took me and three other students to the Rocky Mountain Psychological Association conference to present our research. I studied chronic pain patients and whether the coping strategies that they use to deal with their pain everyday were related to their personality types. I led every aspect of the research project, which gives me a lot of experience that other graduating seniors might not have.”

Although nothing is set in stone, Danielle certainly has a clear vision for her future in the field of psychology. “My professors are helping me apply for research positions in the area. I plan on attending graduate school in two years, and my professors have told me that experience in the field is usually the difference between getting into a Master's program or a PhD program. They are helping me get the tools I need to succeed in graduate school.”

Aside from her work inside the lab, she credits her experiences living on-campus to making her Westminster experience even better. “Besides all of my research experience, living on campus in the residence halls as a freshman was a great decision for me. I lived in Carleson Hall, and I still hang out with all of the people who lived on my floor. It was a great opportunity to make friends with other majors, and it made Westminster even more of a second home for me.”

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