Honors Program Gets New Director

Professor Richard BadenhausenAfter five years of ably directing the Honors Program, Associate Professor of Philosophy Nick More has turned over the reins of the program to Richard Badenhausen, Associate Professor and holder of the Kim T. Adamson chair. Badenhausen, who has seventeen years of experience teaching in higher education, comes to Westminster College from Marshall University, where he ran its large honors program for five years.

Badenhausen, a scholar of Twentieth Century Literature and a specialist in the works of T. S. Eliot, got his undergraduate degree at Colgate University and his Ph.D. at the University of Michigan. He has taught in honors programs for ten years and has a wide range of experience team-teaching and developing honors curriculum.

He came to Westminster College because of what he called, "its incredibly talented faculty, its extremely bright and hardworking students, and the institution's long-term commitment to honors education." The college has signaled its desire to make the Honors Program a premiere program on campus by attaching the Adamson endowed chair to Honors, which will be an enormous benefit to current and future honors students.

According to Badenhausen, his focus in the next few years will be on developing new curriculum within the program, increasing the sense of community among students in Honors, developing research and travel opportunities for honors students, and extending the reach of the program across all disciplines on campus.

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