Westminster's Chinese, Japanese and Latin Programs

Westminster is a great place to study beginning Latin and Japanese because of our small classes, personal interaction with faculty, and focus on learning goals. The Westminster Language Program offers two semesters of Chinese (Chinese 110, 111), Latin (Latin 110, 111), and four semesters of Japanese (Japanese 110, 111, 220, 221).


Westminster College currently offers two entry level Chinese - Mandarin courses. These courses offer a small and inclusive learning environment to learn one of the world's most prolific and significant languages today. Professor Eric Cheng covers both cultural and language education, the Chinese language courses offer a well rounded education into the often misunderstood Asian nation and people.  


Professor Takashi Ibira has infused our Japanese program the last two years. He has expanded the Japanese classes to the second-year level and ambitiously envisions the day when, perhaps, Westminster can offer a minor in Japanese.

Although a foreign language like Japanese can be intimidating to many students, Westminster is a great place to study with our small classes, an emphasis on practical application in your studies, and dedicated faculty who can help you on a one-on-one basis. While Japan is rich with culture far older than many Western countries, it is also now a major player in global markets and politics. Studying Japanese will enhance your understanding of this fascinating Land of the Rising Sun.

The Language Program offers four semesters of Japanese. It is designed to give students practical tools for communicating in written and spoken Japanese and to deepen cultural sensitivity. While Japanese has great practical advantages for certain fields, most notably business, it would expand the cultural horizons of any liberal arts student.


Professor Georgiana Donavin is our Latin mentor. She meticulously guides students through first-year Latin. 

To have a thorough appreciation of world history, culture, and commerce, you must understand the impact respective languages have on those who speak them and those who don't. Latin is the language which has been the most widely used throughout the world's history, and it has had tremendous influence on English and other European languages.

If you're interested in the humanities, law, medicine, and other sciences, our one-year Latin course sequence program will be a tremendous asset to your studies, professional development, and appreciation for world cultures in general.