Study Abroad

Studying abroad is essential for students to become truely proficient in a second language. The Spanish faculty is always eager to assist students in formulating plans for study in the country and program of their choice. We also have a relationship with the Instituto KLAC, a small language school in Cordoba, Spain, where Westminster students enjoy individualized classes and excellent homestays. Most recently other students have studies at various locations in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, and Spain. Length of study ranges from one semester to one month. Credit is awarded on a individual basis depending on length of study.

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  • Can I receive credit for study abroad?

Yes! However there is a maxium of 12 credit hours that can be applied to a Spanish minor. Credit for other disciplines will need to be arranged through the individual academic programs.

  • Will the Spanish faculty help me arrange my study abroad?

Absolutely! We all have information and resources to help you in your planning and preparation.

  • Does Westminster have a formal study abroad program?

At present our approach is more individualized. We do recommend certain institutions where many of our students have studies. For example during May term small groups of Westminster students studies at KLAC in Cordoba, Spain. This language school is typically small, individualized, and provides excellent homestays. Students study from one to two months.

Other Travel Opportunties at Westminster College

Considering a May term abroad next year? Visit the Westminster College Review magazine (in the Winter 2002 edition available in October 2002) to read about the experiences Westminster students had this past year.