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Film Studies

Westminster's Film Studies Program

Why Study Film at Westminster?

The Film Studies program at Westminster offers an interdisciplinary perspective on the multifaceted and complex medium of film. Film blends the arts of words, pictures, theatre and music; studying these elements builds awareness of how film uses narrative and rhetoric to tell stories and influence beliefs. The ability to think critically about film helps us develop a critical awareness of our world and how it is represented.

The program includes core courses in both film literacy and scholarship. Students will explore the interdisciplinary potential of film, investigating both the elements that comprise film as well as film’s relation to cultures. Ultimately students will be prepared to:

  • Respond to film with active interpretation and analysis, rather than being acted upon passively.

  • Understand the way film incorporates other arts and is distinct from them; how it influences other arts and is influenced by them.

  • Recognize the important events in film history, and understand how films address and intervene in their historical context.

  • Understand the uses of film – to document, persuade, entertain, represent, and expand our means of representation and ways of understanding.

The Westminster Difference:

  • Courses take a "discourse community" approach, relying on the knowledge that students already have and encouraging them to seek new knowledge independently and to share it with their peers.

  • A long-standing partnership with the Salt Lake Film Society allows students to choose and introduce films to be screened at a local independent movie theater.

  • The program includes emphases on the uniqueness of film as well as its relations to other fields, so it is both a specific field of study and an interdisciplinary one.

  • The faculty includes scholars from the arts, humanities and social sciences.