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Application Process

Application Process

Prospective Students

Westminster ClassesOur office is happy to answer any questions that may come up while you're applying. Please call us at (801) 832-2500. However, we can't give you any specific answers regarding your financial award eligibility until we know more about you.

Apply for Admission: Fill out and complete an Admissions Application. For undergraduate students there is no separate form for scholarships; we review all students for scholarship eligibility.

Apply for Financial Aid: Fill out and complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You can either apply online or ask your high school guidance counselor for a paper copy. The FAFSA will be used to consider a student for federal, state, and institutional grants, work study, and loan programs.

Wait: You should be notified of admission within one week after you submit a completed application. The FAFSA is processed within approximately 2-3 weeks. Once both your FAFSA and admission applications are reviewed, you will receive a letter from our office notifying you of your financial aid package.

Continuing Students

If you have previously completed a FAFSA, you will either be mailed a Renewal FAFSA or you will receive a signature PIN for filing the renewal online. You must apply for financial aid each year. If you do not receive a renewal application you can apply online or pick up a new paper application in our office.

Wait: Within 3-4 weeks of completing the FAFSA or renewal application we'll send you a letter notifying you of your financial aid package.