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Audience Response Systems (ARS)


In my classroom I have only one rule. "If it helps the student learn I love it. If it gets in the way of learning I hate it." As new technology enters the classroom as a teacher I have to constantly be aware of how to make this new technology fit into the category of "helps the studnet learn". Cell phones have fit firmly into the area of "getting in the way of learning."  My attitude on this is changing.  In the last assignment for the term a student used an interactive audience response system encorportated into his presentation that used cell phones for polling the audience.

Description of Audience Response Systems (ARS)

I have often stood in front of an audience (be it in a classroom or a conference hall) and wondered what they were retaining of the information I was presenting. Sometimes I would just like to know what they are thinking about a particular topic. When I ask class questions I find that the same few students respond, not because the others have no opionons but for fear that thier opinions will be 'wrong'. One way to encourage all students to participate is through the use of an Audience Response System (ARS).  Systems that allow audience members to interact with the speaker have been used  since the 1960s. These were stand-alone clickers that allowed students to 'buzz' in with responses. They were big, clunky, and wire dependent.  As the technology improved the systems have become integrated with computer technology.  Today, with the advent and proliferation of cellphone technology ARS systems have advanced to where the only tools needed by the teacher or presentor are a computer with a software program and an audience with cellphones. Although external 'clickers' are certainly available for either purchase or rent.

Research using ARS


ARS available systems





ARS Reference Material

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A comercial ARS option


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A comercial ARS option

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A comercial ARS option that allows survey results, quizes, and open ended questions

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Yet another ARS option

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excellent article describing a research project using ARS. Students respond highly favorably.

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