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Club Sports

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Student-sponsored club sports are a new addition to the multitude of opportunities available to enhance student life. A step up in competition from intramural sports, club sports allow you to develop a team in a sport of your choice and compete against other colleges and universities. Funding is generated by students working in coordination with the ASW student government. Club Sport Staff



Step by Step Process of how to start a new Club Sport

Want to start a new club sport? Here are the steps you need to go through in order to have an official club on campus:


Step by Step Process of how to start a new Club Sport (Athletic and Recreational Club, (ARC))


Creating a new student club is easier than you think! Visit the ASW Website or stop by the ASW Office in Shaw to get the forms needed to create your club! The ASW Clubs President and ASW Clubs Advisor are happy to walk you through the process, if you have any additional questions!

 Creating a Student Club:

  1. Complete the Club Proposal & Constitution Form
  2. Email this form to the ASW Clubs President or turn it in at the ASW Office in Shaw 104.
  3. Club forms will be evaluated by the ASW Judicial Council (Jud-Co). Jud-Co will make sure that your club is inclusive and does not clash with the constitution of the Associated Students of Westminster. If your form(s) do not pass, the Chief Justice of ASW will contact you with recommendations for changes.
  4. Once approved by Jud-Co, proposed club forms will be reviewed by ASW Clubs Board Members and a representative from the Dean of Students Office. This is to ensure the constitution is in line with the mission and vision of the College. If the club is not approved by these two bodies, the ASW Clubs President will contact you with recommendations for changes.
  5. Once approved by the ASW Club Board and the Dean of Students Office, the proposed club will send a representative to the ASW Club Council Meeting, which takes place once a month. Here, representatives from every club will vote on the proposed club after the proposed club representative presents the new club to the body at large.
  6. Once approved by all previous bodies mentioned above, your club will be place into an “ongoing status” to request budget from ASW Clubs.

For information on college-sponsored club sports please see the Intercollegiate Athletic Department's website.