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Great Salt Lake (GSL) is a unique, understudied, and underestimated national landmark. As one of the extreme ecosystems of the world, where life is tested to its limits, GSL provides new territory for exploration, learning and stewardship. We invite you to join with us in our quest to understand the lake and all that it offers.

Upcoming events:

Community Meet-up: Sun Tunnels hosted by the Utah Museum of Fine Arts - April 30 from 1-4pm

Join the UMFA for a fun day of art and science at Sun Tunnels, the iconic Land art by Nancy Holt in Utah's west desert. The work consists of four massive concrete tunnels, which are arranged in an “X” configuration. Each tunnel reacts to the sun differently, aligned with the sunrise, sunset, of the summer or winter solstice. 

Great Salt Lake Bird Festival- May 12-16

18th Great Salt Lake Bird Festival in Farmington Utah! Keynote Speaker Julie Zickefoose- artist and author and Great Salt Lake Institute will be running the kids education. For more information, go to

FoGSL Great Salt Lake Issues Forum- May 11-13

Friends of Great Salt lake hosts the Great Salt Lake Issues Forum at University of Utah Officers Club. The goal of the forum is to encourage constructive dialog about the future of the Lake’s ecosystem and its resources, and to illuminate the complexities involved in research, management, and planning for the Lake. Also, explore Great Salt Lake from many different angles and in many different contexts – far beyond its resource development potential – to emphasize its ecological value as well as its intrinsic value, a value that has contributed to our history, culture, and spirit.

We would love to have poster submissions from you- and anybody working at the lake. The goal of the poster session is to feature biological, hydrological geological, ecological, archeological, historical, economic and/or planing issues pertinent to Great Salt Lake and its management. Send a 200 word abstract describing your poster to by April 22, 2016. If you have any questions, call Jaimi Butler at 801-832-2308 or email

Camp Great Salt Lake -July 4-8

Great Salt Lake institute believes that teachers should come and learn how to use GSL in their classrooms. Learn with the students and get some great ideas for activities and subsequent support from GSLI. A week long experience full of gathering samples out at the lake (paddle boarding was involved!) and analyzed the Lake's salty waters in the lab at Westminster. In addition, we spent one night camping at the iconic Spiral Jetty for a complete art and science connection to the lake. 

Teacher Science Day at the Great Salt Lake in September

Science Teachers come have a day of fun and learn more about Great Salt Lake. In September, Great Salt Lake Institute, Friends of Great Salt Lake, Natural History Museum of Utah and Utah State Parks will be at the GSL Marina near Saltair to give you ideas on how to use Great Salt Lake in your classrooms. There will be kayaks and stand up paddle boards to help you immerse yourself in the lake.

Spiral Jetty Community Day- Oct 1

Join the UMFA and Great Salt Lake Institute at Westminster College for a fun day of art and science at Spiral Jetty. UMFA members, families, teachers, and students of all ages are invited to explore the landscape, create art, and learn about the environment of the lake.

State of the Salt Lake Lecture - Listen here!

On October 28, Great Salt Lake Audubon and Great Salt Lake Institute at Westminster College hosted a panel discussion, "State of the Lake".  This interactive panel discussion covered issues involved in the receding shoreline of Great Salt Lake. Topics included effects on human health, impact on wildlife, legal questions, and legislative issues.  


John Luft, Utah Department of Wildlife Resources Great Salt Lake Ecosystem Program

Dr. Brian Moench, Utah Physicians for a Healty Environment

Joel Briscoe, Utah House of Representatives

Erica Gaddis, Utah Department of Water Quality

Moderator: Brian Maffly, Salt Lake Tribune

Hosted by Westminster's Great Salt Lake Institute, Environmental Center, the Institute for Mountain Research, and Outdoor Programs.