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Great Salt Lake

Utah Microbes Point to Mars

BBC News talks to Dr. Bonnie K. Baxter, Director of Great Salt Lake Institute (GSLI), about the similarities between Great Salt Lake and evaporated saline lakes on Mars.

Low water in Great Salt Lake reveals ‘rocks that are alive’

Brian Maffly explains because of water levels dropping at the Great Salt Lake "living" rocks have been revealed, which are called microbialites. 

Spiral Jetty

Video: Dr. Bonnie K. Baxter - Spiral Jetty Explained

Dr. Bonnie Baxter, Director of GSLI explains why water in the north arm of Great Salt Lake (where Spiral Jetty is located) is colored pink and describes other important organisms that live near Spiral Jetty.

Video: Hickmet Sidney Loe - Spiral Jetty Explained

Local art historian and Spiral Jetty expert, Loe explains the idea of multiplicity behind these three components and gives an overview of the history of the piece.


Video: Secrets in the Salt

Dr. Bonnie K. Baxter, Director of GSLI works with a team of scientists to study salt deposits that formed 250 million years ago.

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Utah Business: 30 Women to Watch

Utah Business Magazine recently named Dr. Bonnie K. Baxter, Director of GSLI, one of 30 Women to Watch for 2012.