Students exploring the water in the Great Salt Lake Website
NHMU Summer Camp 2014

A Nature and Science Based Camp Experience

GSLI is excited to be a community partner with the Natural History Museum of Utah this summer, for one of their wonderful summer camp experiences.

  • Open to 6-8th graders, registration began Monday, March 3rd.

  • The overall camp program runs from the week of June 2nd to the week August 11th, but participants may register for individual events (such as the one GSLI will run!). 

GSLI's Involvement

The camp event that GSLI will host is "Great Salt Lake Field School." Here is the NHMU blurb:

"Ever wonder what it would be like to be a scientist at Great Salt Lake? Come help Great Salt Lake Institute faculty and college students study the Lake’s unique environment. Use your incredible observation skills to see how this salty terminal lake serves as both hotel and restaurant to over five million birds each year. Investigate brine shrimp life cycles, the salinity and pH of Great Salt Lake, and maybe even search for spiders that birds feast on for lunch! We’ll gather samples on trips to the Lake and study them in the labs at Westminster College’s Great Salt Lake Institute. The stand-up paddle boarding at the end of the week is not to be missed!"               

Date: This event begins the third week of Camp and runs from June 16-20th.