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Our Role

Our Role

Great Salt Lake Institute (GSLI) is an active and frequent visitor to Spiral Jetty. We go there for scientific exploration. As a local member of the Great Salt Lake Community we are in a position to act as stewards for Spiral Jetty by being there and monitoring the area for the Utah Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands (FFSL) and Dia. We can notify Dia of land changes, road issues, or local happenings at the jetty.

Specific conditions GSLI will monitor on behalf of Dia include

  • Condition and accessibility of the gravel road leading to Spiral Jetty
  • Presence of signage that directs tourists/interested parties to Spiral Jetty
  • Presence of any unauthorized activity within the lease area or adjoining property including campfires, trash, vandalism, or similar activities.

If you have noticed any changes to the road, damage to signage, or any unauthorized activity, please contact us.

GSLI will also continue to collaborate with Dia on field trips, work to develop jointly orchestrated educational opportunities at the artwork, and keep Dia informed of scientific and educational projects or curricula at Westminster College that develop around the artwork.

Learn more about preservation and our collaboration.