Herakles | Written by Euripides, translated by Ann Carson, directed by Hugh Hanson Website

The 36th Annual Classical Greek Theatre Festival


Directed by HUGH HANSON 
Nicole Razon as Electra
& Nick Zaharias as Orestes

A stark tale of the vengeance of Elektra and Orestes for the murder of their father Agamemnon by their mother Klytemnestra and her lover. A sequel to last year’s U of U Classical Greek Theatre Festival production, Iphigenia in Aulis.

Elektra tells the story of King Agamemnon’s children, Elektra and Orestes, and their quest for vengeance on the perpetrators of their father’s murder—their mother Klytemnestra and her lover, the new king. Euripides’ version presents two anti-heroes—the neurotic, unbalanced Elektra and her cowardly brother Orestes—in a world where the differences between good people and bad people are not always clear. The play questions the traditional values of the time, which judged a man by his wealth, status, and position.

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