Herakles | Written by Euripides, translated by Ann Carson, directed by Hugh Hanson Website

Oedipus Rex

Directed by LINDA BROWN
Joel Richards as Oedipus

All Greek drama, including Oedipus the King, was performed in masks. Made of linen, cork, or wood, no ancient Greek mask has survived the ravages of time, but we do have several representations of Greek masks painted on Athenian vases. Though the origins of masks in the Greek theatre are shrouded in mystery, the fact remains that the mask was an accepted theatrical convention and used throughout both tragedy and comedy.

Described by Aristotle as the "perfect tragedy," Oedipus the King has held our attention for over 2000 years. What is it about this tragic hero, Oedipus, that captures our imagination? We know the story: Oedipus as the agent of the action fulfills the curse that proclaims he will kill his father and marry his mother. It is through Sophocles' brilliance as a playwright that we examine this ancient myth and watch Oedipus' journey to understand the roles of the gods, his identity, and his fate. Through his journey we too discover the "man within the myth."