Herakles | Written by Euripides, translated by Ann Carson, directed by Hugh Hanson Website


Jennifer Clark as Antigone
& Lloyd Mulvey as Creon

Insubordination is our worst crime. It wrecks cities and empties homes. It breaks and routs even allies who fight beside us. Discipline is what saves the lives of all good people who stay out of trouble. Ant to make sure we enforce discipline never let a woman overwhelm a king.


Antigone, the daughter of Oedipus, has placed herself on a collision course with her uncle, King Creon. Antigone's brother has died in battle, Creon refuses to give him a proper burial. When Antigone defies Creon, she is banished to a cave. Creon's son, who is engaged to Antigone, comes to her defense but there are dire consequences. Passion. Loyalty. Pride. One of Sophocles' best known and most enduring dramas invites us to ponder the complex moral dilemmas of civil disobedience and the proper exercise of power.

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