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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out about obtaining a teaching position with the college?
For information on full-time faculty positions, please refer to our Online Job Board. For part-time or adjunct teaching positions, please visit the Associate Instructors website.

How can I get information regarding all staff positions available on campus?
The Online Job Board lists all of the current staff openings as well as a brief job description and any other information necessary for applying for a particular position.

How can I apply for a non-teaching job at Westminster College?
All of the work-study positions are handled through Financial Aid. For all other positions you will find application instructions with the job posting on the Online Job Board.

Where can I report a change of address?
The Human Resources office is responsible for taking care of all address changes of the employees, and we also have the information necessary for employment checks.

Can I change my benefits package in the middle of the year?
Any questions concerning benefits and the modifications thereof can be addressed by Paula Taufer, HR representative, at (801) 832-2572.