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Integrative Learning

Integrative Learning

At Westminster College, when we talk about integrative learning we mean three things:
• Connecting student learning across the disciplines, so that students, staff, and faculty see the inter-relationships between subjects in the curriculum,
• Connecting learning inside and outside of the classroom, so that students’ classroom learning informs their civic, social, and personal lives, and so that those parts of their lives enrich what they learn in the classroom,
• And connecting all of the college’s activities to the College-wide Learning Goals to ensure that our efforts lead students to become the sorts of people that they (and we) want them to be.

The college has committed substantial resources to building these connections. A range of academic centers support students, staff, and faculty in making connections and deepening learning across campus. Rich faculty and staff development opportunities strengthen our already outstanding curricular and co-curricular programs. New infrastructure ensures that academic and co-curricular programs work together. And an e-portfolio initiative will make it simpler for students to reflect on their learning and track their achievement of the college’s learning goals. Taken together these activities point the college, its students, staff, and faculty toward their goal—to become an exemplary community of learners.