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Spring 2010 classes

Spring 2010 Westminster Learning Communities

For official course information, please refer to the Academic Catalog.

1. CHEM 20-1 01LC MW 8-10 
    BIOL104-02LC TTH 10-12 and lab

Alive with Chemistry

2. ENGL 220- 06LC MW 2-4
    PSYC 105- 02LC MW 10-12

Within the Book and Volume of my Brain: Psychology, Literature, and Culture

3. ENGL 220-02LC TTH 12-2
    PSYC 303-01LC TTH 2-3:15

Life’s Journey: Discovering the Interior and Exterior of Human Development

4. PSYC 105- 03LC MW 4:00-6:00 
    INTR 01LC M 6-7

Flourishing in Our Choices: Understanding Strengths (FOCUS)

5. SPAN 111- 06LC MW 12-2
    SPAN 200A-01LC TTH 12-2

Tools of Change in the Hispanic World