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International Track

International Track

International Track

MACL in Guatemala

  • The only graduate level program of its kind in northern Utah

  • Prepares you for specialized leadership in:

    Nonprofits and organizations working on international and refugee issues in the US; Nonprofits and community level work in other countries; Nonprofit and governmental aid agencies 

  • Provides a solid foundation in leadership, management, communications, advocacy, and community organizing

  • Capstone Project develops expertise in a focused area and may be completed in another country

  • Multiple opportunities for networking with and serving community organizations

Track Coursework

MACL International Track Skype

  • Core areas of leadership and management, advocacy and community organizing, and communications (18 credits)

  • Economic Development and Foreign Policy (3 credits)
  • Electives in management of international nonprofits, fund-raising, communications, program planning and evaluation, education, and social entrepreneurship (8 credits)
  • Elective option: Community Leadership: International Contexts --  2-credit travel seminar to a Latin American country to learn about development, immigration, leadership models, and the role of nonprofits
  • Capstone Project, which may be completed in another country (6 credits)

MACL in Guatemala