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Why now?

Why now?


The last campus master plan for the college was completed in 1999, and was created to envision what Westminster College might become over the next decade. The main thrust of the plan was to fully use the existing twenty-seven acres of campus to increase space for academic, residential and recreational uses. Ten years later, all of the goals of this master plan have been reached, including:

  • the Giovale Library
  • the residential village
  • expansion of the Bill and Vieve Gore School of Business
  • the Eccles Health, Wellness and Athletic Building
  • Dumke Field
  • the parking structure under Dumke Field
  • the Kim T. Adamson Alumni House
  • and finally, the Meldrum Science Center

The Meldrum Science Center is currently under construction, which marks the completion of the goals of the former master plan. It is now time to plan the contours of the college for the decades ahead.