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Frequently Asked Questions


How long will it take me to graduate?
Students who are able to study full-time can complete the program in three semesters, starting in either May/Summer or Fall semester. Students who study part-time can usually complete the program in four semesters. Student teaching and the travel seminar require a full-time, day-time commitment during the final semester of the program.

What are classes like?
Classes are very engaging and our outstanding education faculty model a wide variety of teaching strategies. Students participate actively in discussions, group activities, presentations, and projects. Students’ experiences in their placements in public schools are incorporated into class discussions.


How much does it cost, and is financial aid available?
There are loans available from the federal government. In addition, there are some forgivable loans available through the Stafford Loan program and grants through the TEACH grant program. Please contact Westminster’s
Financial Aid Office for more specific information regarding tuition and loans.


How do I apply?
You can click
here to apply on-line or request printed application forms from the Westminster Admissions Office. Graduate admissions counselors are available to answer any questions you have about the Admissions process.


Will you help me get a teaching job?
Recruiters from many local school districts come to Westminster’s campus to interview our students before graduation. We assist students in preparing for these interviews and provide instruction on how to apply to districts here in Utah and in other states. MAT students can make use of the wide range of services provided by the Westminster Career Resource Center, including mock interviews, credential file services, and career counseling.


I haven’t been to school for a while. Will I fit in?
The MAT program attracts a range of first- and second-career students. All are treated respectfully and supported in their studies. Services on campus such as the Writing Center and math tutoring programs are also available for those who want to sharpen their academic skills.