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math tutoring

Math Tutoring | Summer 2014

Converse B-14 Phone: 801 832-2406

 Drop-in math tutoring is available in Converse B-14 at the times listed below.

Tutoring is available to all Westminster students (and is free!).

For tutoring times other than those listed, contact the START Center at (801) 832-2280.



   Monday  Tuesday   Wednesday   Thursday 
11-11:30  Newman     Newman  Newman
11:30-12 Newman Newman Newman Newman
12 -12:30 Newman Newman Newman  
12:30-1 Newman Juliet    
1-1:30   Juliet    
1:30-2   Juliet    
2-2:30   Juliet    
2:35-3 Juliet     Juliet
3-3:30 Juliet     Juliet
3:30-4 Juliet     Juliet
4-4:30 Mariah     Mariah
4:30-5 Mariah   Mariah Mariah
5-5:30 Mariah   Mariah Mariah
5:30-6 Mariah     Mariah


Newman tutors all summer math classes. Mariah tutors all math classes numbered 201 and below. Juliet can tutor Math 141, Math 201 and Math 202.