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Mathematics Department Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I like Mathematics, but I don't want to be a teacher or a professor. What other careers are there for Mathematics Majors?

A: Check out WeUseMath.org to see just how many careers there are! 


Q:  I really like Economics/English/Philosophy/Biology… and Mathematics. What should I do?

A:  Consider a minor in math, or a double major. Employers will like a “packaged” degree – it shows versatility, shows you can think outside the box, and separates you from the other applicants. 

Q: I took AP exams in high school. What credit will I receive at Westminster?

A: Students receiving scores of 4, or 5 on one of the Calculus Advanced Placement Examinations receive the following Westminster credit:

 Exam  Score  Credit Given
 Calculus AB  4-5  MATH 201 (4 credits)
 Calculus BC  4-5  MATH 201 and MATH 202 (8 credits)



Q: I won’t get my AP grade until July, but I would like to register for my fall classes earlier than that. How do I know what calculus class to take?

A: If you think you’ve done well on the Calculus AP test, go ahead and register for Math 202. It is easier to switch from Math 202 to Math 201 then vice versa.