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Master Track Norms

Master Track Norms 

Be here, be on time, be present, be engaged  

• We honor strict confidentiality

We give each other permission to hold each other accountable, to test the limits, and to get uncomfortable if necessary

• We will use open-ended questions

• We will always be respectful of each other – honor others’ feelings – yet not be afraid to speak up or ask for help

• We will support others by helping them to discover their own answers/truths, rather than to “fix” them … we commit to being descriptive rather than prescriptive

• Each participant is responsible for contributing, but not too much (we each own 1/11th of the air time)

• We encourage communication outside of the set meetings in accordance with the commitments above.

• We agree that our goals are to learn and have fun

This is a living document which may be modified at any time with the consent of the entire group