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June 28-29,  (grades 7-12) 

  • The FACE OFF Skills (June 28th)
  • The SHOOTERS Skills (June 29th)
  • The GOALIES Skills (June 29th)



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These clinics focus on learning new skills and drills while having fun. We teach with small group instruction and drills providing many repetitions. We have competitive drills and contests while reinforcing the new techniques and concepts. This allows players to quickly apply new skills while having fun and making new friends. 

These intense workouts are about preparing players for the jump to the "Next Level". Whether the player is an eighth grader who needs to make the Varsity squad or a rising senior who hopes to make the jump to college lacrosse in the near future, we focus on teaching the skills and training regimin at an increased pace and intensity.


We include drills they can do off the field which introduce players to the preparation needed to raise the level of play for the challenges that lie ahead. Our goal is to get the campers in a mindset, with the confidence and road map needed to tackle their next big challenge in the game.

For administration, registration or general camp information and inquiries email us at gmclean@westminstercollege.edu or call us at (801) 832-2338. 


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