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What Students Say About AMP

2014-2015 AMP cohort

It's hard to describe how exactly AMP has impacted my life, partly because the program challenges us to talk about our lives in relation to the really 'big ideas,' and partly because AMP will continue to impact my life in ways I haven't even realized yet!
By participating in AMP, I have been able step back and better evaluate my life. AMP has helped me discover who I am, what is truly important to me, has helped me prioritize my time to meet my long-term aspirations.
I learned and gained many things from AMP this year. I think I grew as an individual and became a more confident communicator in group setting. This program has offered me a social outlet that I hadn't had prior to this experience at Westminster. I think that AMP offers individuals the opportunity to prepare for the 'real world' by advancing personally. This will give me the skills and abilities to apply myself in the work place with a better understanding of my end goals and just how I define success.
This program sets students up to be successful and assists them in better understanding their goals, strengths and aspirations. AMP is an opportunity to develop personally while preparing to strive for your professional goals