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How to Apply

Mentee Requirements

Students interested in applying for AMP will need to download the application, print it, fill it out and submit it with a cover letter, and resume to mentoring@westminstercollege.edu by Monday, April 7, 2014 at 5:00 PM.

Download the AMP application here


What we're looking for in an AMP student

  • Firm commitment to meet with mentor at least once per month, for at least two hours

  • Resolve to be dedicated to AMP from beginning to end - August -April

  • Willingness to initiate contact with your mentor

  • Willingness and ability to approach mentoring with an open-mind

  • Desire to improve yourself both personally and professionally
  • Dedication to work toward professional goals with the help of your mentor
  • If you have any questions about applying for the AMP program please visit or call the Office of Integrated and Community-Based Learning (Converse 201) at 801.832.2880.