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Early Childhood

Westminster's Early Childhood Montessori Program

Montessori studentEarly Childhood Montessori

Summer – 8 weeks
Foundations and Theories of Montessori Education
Introduction to Inclusive Education
Early Childhood Practical Life & Sensorial Education
Early Childhood Music and Movement
Early Childhood Mathematics
Early Childhood Language Arts and Literacy

Fall Semester
Early Childhood Student Teaching Practicum I
Early Childhood Projects I
Early Childhood Social Studies

Spring Semester
Early Childhood Student Teaching Practicum II
Early Childhood Projects II
Early Childhood Art
Early Childhood Science

Summer – 1 week
Written & Oral Examinations

Additional courses required for a Master’s degree with the AMS credential:

MED 650: Introduction to Research Methods (summer)
MED 679: Research Methodologies (fall)
MED 680: Research Project (spring)

And choose one elective from these MED courses:
MED 606: Theoretical Perspectives in Education
MED 610: Sociocultural Contexts for Learning
MED 620: English Learners, Family and Community
Or another course with permission of the program director