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MPC certificates

Graduate Communication Certificates

Students who are not interested in earning a master's degree but would like to develop expertise in a specific aspect of communication may enroll in the Graduate Communication Certificate Program. Each certificate provides practical skills in a specialized area (such as multimedia), whereas the MPC degree develops a much more comprehensive set of both practical and theoretical knowledge.

Students interested in a Graduate Certificate must meet the same admissions criteria as other MPC students. Each certificate is a 18-credit program, and classes that meet certificate requirements include both MPC and certificate students. The following is a list of available certificates:

  • Professional Writing
  • Communication and Culture
  • Multimedia and Management
  • Strategic Communication

For each certificate's course requirements, please see the Academic Catalog.

Master's Degree or Certificate?

A certificate would be most beneficial to students who have completed the MPC degree and wish to return to enhance or learn new skills. The certificate is also a good opportunity for students who aren't sure whether they need a master's degree but want to gather a certain set of skills for a particular job or work assignment. A student who is contemplating the MPC degree may wish to start with a certificate and later move into the master's program. In either case, the application process is the same.