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What do former MPC Master Track participants have to say?

Former participants share their experiences:

“Master Track provided me with a context to take a closer look at my career options and how I can maximize those options in my current career path. Two aspects of the program were both practical and complementary: presentations by leading-edge communication professionals on a range of topics and one-on-one mentoring. Serendipity continues to play a guiding role in my professional path, and my Master Track experience will unfold for years to come.”—Laurie Staton

“When considering whether to enroll in Master Track, I was worried about the financial and time costs of the program. But I found both these costs manageable and exponentially returned in the valuable professional contacts and advice I received from the program. The Master Track program provided me the opportunity to learn about a new field without the hazards of leaving my current career. I made valuable connections with people in marketing and creative design/writing with whom I was able to have conversations that I could not have elsewhere— from tips about my current job to guidance about a future career path.”—Chalice Randazzo

“Master Track has afforded me the opportunity to meet with people at the top of the communications industry—people who run top advertising agencies, regularly published authors, creative directors, political leaders, etc.—and all of them are genuinely interested in my career and my success. It has been an incredible experience, and I am so grateful that I took advantage of it.”—Ginny Echevarria

“Participating in Master Track is one of the best decisions I've ever made. Learning about myself and my fellow students is a wonderful experience that I will carry with me always. Master Track has changed the way I think about my career and inspired me to pursue my dreams. Sharing this experience with such a dynamic group of individuals (both mentors and students) has been the opportunity of a lifetime.”—Ancherie Swenson

“The MPC Master Track Program has been the highlight of my Westminster experience. I am overwhelmed by the generosity and expertise of the leaders, mentors, and my fellow MPC students. These individuals have challenged and motivated me to achieve potentially the most important professional goal of my life. And on a personal level, they have guided and encouraged me through an unexpected, psychologically difficult period. I will be perpetually
grateful for this experience and for the wonderful people who have shared it with me.”—
Lisa von App