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What do former MPC Master Track participants have to say?

Former participants share their experiences:

 "Master Track was one of the most --if not the most--important and influential aspects of my MPC experience. While what we learned in the classroom has translated into the workplace, the one-on-one mentoring and experiences that Master Track provided offered me insights, connections, and opportunities I never would have had otherwise. Martha, Jeff, and my mentors continue to influence my career, and years later, I'm still grateful for their guidance." -- Haley McLennan

"Master Track was the stepping stone between getting my master's and getting my dream job. Martha and Jeff facilitate a comfortable zone for professional and personal growth by encouraging participants to share fears, hopes and insecurities. And mentors and speakers expose participants to a wide selection of communication possibilities. Master track truly was group counseling, career coaching and Saturday hangouts with highly educated friends all in one. The experience gave me confidence, direction and connections to make my master's degree count!" -- Gemma Gough

"I am so grateful I had the opportunity to participate in Master Track. It was truly the capstone of my MPC program experience. I can't think of any other example in life where we have the chance to be concurrently surrounded by mentors and peers who demonstrate such caring, excellence, support, and commitment to helping each other get to the next level - both professionally and personally. An unparalleled experience with demonstrable, sustainable, and positive results. Thank you!" -- Cyndi Keller

"Master Track was the most amazing opportunity. It allowed me to connect with my peers and to learn from experienced professionals. If I could, I would participate in Master Track every year. This experience was absolutely invaluable." -- Maggie Burke

"Master Track is the reason I selected Westminster College’s Master of Professional Communication program. With a busy academic and professional schedule, I was concerned about the time commitment needed for Master Track. However, I couldn't be happier that I made the commitment, giving myself an opportunity to seriously consider my professional journey. Master Track provides students a dedicated time and safe place to develop personally and professionally. I don’t know of any other academic or professional environments where students will have access to communication professionals who truly understand mentoring relationships. The facilitators, mentors, and fellow Master Track students genuinely care about each participant’s personal growth and professional success. I strongly encourage all MPC students to embrace this life changing opportunity." --Rachael Keneko

“Participating in Master Track is one of the best decisions I've ever made. Learning about myself and my fellow students is a wonderful experience that I will carry with me always. Master Track has changed the way I think about my career and inspired me to pursue my dreams. Sharing this experience with such a dynamic group of individuals (both mentors and students) has been the opportunity of a lifetime.”—Ancherie Swenson

“The MPC Master Track Program has been the highlight of my Westminster experience. I am overwhelmed by the generosity and expertise of the leaders, mentors, and my fellow MPC students. These individuals have challenged and motivated me to achieve potentially the most important professional goal of my life. And on a personal level, they have guided and encouraged me through an unexpected, psychologically difficult period. I will be perpetually grateful for this experience and for the wonderful people who have shared it with me.”
—Lisa von App