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Music Major and Minor

Bachelor of Arts in MusicMusic Major

The Department of Music at Westminster College offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music as well as a Music minor. The major and minor both offer a choice of emphasis: academic or performance; each student must pick one or the other within the major or minor. The BA degree in Music is an excellent choice for talented students who plan to pursue graduate work in music, and for liberal arts students pursuing two majors in preparation for graduate school. It is also a degree that would qualify students for any number of music-related jobs following college. Among those musicians with sufficient talent and training for careers in performance, those with degrees in Music are unquestionably at an advantage over those without.

The Department of Music also offers opportunities for anyone on campus interested in music-making, regardless of their backgrounds or areas of study. School ensembles—open to capable and committed students and, in some cases, members of the community—include the Westminster Chorale, Westminster Chamber Singers, Westminster Chamber Orchestra, Westminster Jazz Ensemble, and Westminster Opera Studio. Private lessons and Liberal Education survey courses in music are also available to all students.  

Music Major and Minor Class Requirements

Program Requirements

An audition is required for status as a Music major or minor. Students must choose a major instrument and audition on that particular instrument (e.g. piano, voice, guitar, violin, etc.). Live auditions are held each year on specific dates as announced on the music department web page. Music major aspirants auditioning before the end of March, who are planning to enroll as freshmen the following fall semester, will automatically and simultaneously be considered for music scholarships. All remaining auditions will be held for major or minor status only. Due to strict course sequencing, students wishing to graduate with a Music major within a four-year course of study must begin their major fall semester of their freshman year. Students desiring a Music minor must audition before their sophomore year. Students with transfer credits need to complete a minimum of nine credits of music courses, including two semester of ensemble credit, at Westminster College in order to fulfill the requirements for a Music minor. A minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA in music courses must be maintained for the Music major or minor.

For more information, call the office of the Music Department Chair at 801.832.2435.