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Keen, Stephen


Stephen Keen

Jazz Piano

Steve Keen is an accomplished jazz pianist and bassist in Salt Lake City, originally from Baltimore, Md. He attended Georgia Institute of Technology, holds B.S. Degrees in Music and in Psychology from Westminster College and University Of Utah and currently teaches piano for the University of Utah Jazz Studies Program and for the new Westminster College Music Major Program. He is a full-time musician in demand as arranger, accompanist, performer and private teacher of advanced and professional level pianists with particular emphasis on the study of historical and contemporary solo piano styles. In addition to Jazz, he is involved in many other styles of music performing on the keyboard accordion and the diatonic button accordion with several ethnic music groups including the Klezbros ( Eastern European Jewish and Gypsy dance music), the Salzburger Echo ( Swiss and German music), Stone Circle, Kate McLeod and the Pancakes, and Idlewild (traditional Celtic music). His recent jazz CD’s as arranger featuring vocalist Kelly Eisenhour and saxophonist Bob Mintzer are getting rave reviews across the country.

Steve is involved in several other avocations including photography, gnomonics
(sundial design) and woodworking. He has been a long-time volunteer lab-tech at the Salt Lake Art Center and is a staunch advocate for science and skepticism. See websites: